About Us

The Natural – Log Homes is a small family run business which started in 1979.   We specialize in  building homes using Scandinavian Scribe method, only using the highest quality logs.  Additionally, we will build full round chinked, dove-tail notch corners, framed houses with 1/2 log siding, and log additions to existing homes.

We cut our logs (Red Pine and White Pine) in the winter, when the sap is down to control for checking, shrinkage, and sap stain.  We also use Lodge Pole Pine, Western Larch, and Cedar.  The logs are then hand peeled with draw knives,  and treated with a  borate product as a fungicide/insecticide.  

We build the homes at our log yard in Seeley, WI.  All logs are drilled for wiring and for pegging.  Each course of logs will be pegged to the course below using hardwood pegs – approximately every four feet, and around all windows and doors. We then number the logs, disassemble the logs and set them on a semi flatbed ready to move to the owners site.  At this point we re-assemble the logs on the owners foundation.  We do this with the use of a crane and/or logging truck.  We can contract your project through from start to finish  – “turn key” (locally), or we can  just build your log shell.  For our ease of mind, and yours, we work on one project at a time! 

If you are looking for logs for your project, or just a special “character” log,  we have a large selection of logs, rails, and spindles or timbers for sale at our building yard in Seeley.  We have a Wood Mizer band saw mill, that will saw out up to 42′ in length. for your custom sawing needs.  Stop by to see what we have to offer.

As you can see from these photos, we are diversified!  No job is too small.  We have replaced and trimmed out windows in older cabins,  built trusses, installed decorative beams, chinked logs with twigs, and have built walking bridges & gazebos. We have even  transported logs on our boom truck to an island on Lake Superior via the Ferry system!

We build in strict accordance with the log building standards.  We are proud members of the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association. (http://www.gllca.org)   Donovan Dums is the currently on the board of directors  for the organization.  Ruth and  Dan Dums have also served previous terms on the board of directors for the G.L.L.C.A., and  both Donovan and Dan have served as former presidents of the group. 

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  1. My name is Karen Strombom and I think that I went to grade school and high school with Dan Dums. My nephew is thinking of going to school at Northland and that got me thinking about Dan so I googled his name. This site came up and I think I found him. Am I right? Sure would love to hear from him!

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