Spring 2017

we just finished this handicapped accessible picnic table for the DNR!

During the winter we have been involved with two projects.  A little remodel job, and a log deck replacement.

Above pictures are the remodel, and the pictures below are the deck…. Which is not yet finished



Last year, we built a 1700 sq. ft. hand crafted Scandinavian scribed home (on site, since it was located only six miles from our building yard) using Lodge Pole pine that had 11″-12″ tips and 16″ butts.    Copes (bottom of log that has been cut away to fit over the log below) were  filled with fiberglass insulation.  Each log was pegged to the course below, approximately every 4′, with White Oak pegs.

The following pictures are of the project

Summer & Fall 2015

We built a scribed, dovetail notched home at our log yard in Seeley.   After completion in the building yard, we numbered the logs, dis-assembled the logs, put them on a semi, trucked them to the permanent site, and re-assembled the logs on the owner’s foundation.imageimage


The following photos are of random recent projects:

The 8’x10′ Trapper’s Cabin

image image image image

This little cabin is now re-erected in the woods, and is complete with a home made door, and a cedar shake roof!


May 12th through the 17th, 2014   members of the Great Lakes Log Crafters Association built and sold a log cabin as a fundraising project at our log yard in Seeley, WI.  The next few pictures are of our family working on some of the logs, and the finished project with all of the builders.  National Geographic filmed our group during the building process that took five days!



We built a unique screened Log gazebo and set it on a dovetail notched base frame:

Western Red Cedar dovetail notched base frame





image image image image

The screen gazebo has been re-assembled at it’s permanent site!


building a roof over a deck:

setposts and plate on site cutting notches  fitting rafters 3 deck roof 2fitting rafters deck roof deck roof 3 copper flashing

Building a small addition onto a cabin:

image image image image image image imageimage


 Donovan built a dovetail notch home at our building yard in Seeley.  Check out his progress!

D&S house 4



 image imageimage


image  imageAfter a

image image image image imageimage image  image  D&S 4

image Limage

Here, we are adding trusses to a framed home, after the roof was installed:

  Karsteadt 1 karsteadt 2 imageKarsteadt 3 karsteadt 9  karsteadt 1114 karsteadt112



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