Log Home Photo Gallery


Not  going to work today!

Not going to work today!

image image image image


karsteadt 2Karsteadt 3

imageimage image image image image

famous daves dining room

famous-dave-s bar

famous daves entranceimageimageimageimage



CP back porchimage image image imagelivingroomimage


Another log home basement


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CP entryKrissy's with porchkrissy's southKrissy's northcabin 2cabin 1CP front entryCP board & BatonEastSouthtwig deck railingaddition 2CP deck railingimageimageG additionhouseT additionkitchen


  1. Hello, we have some property in Sealy Wi and plan to build a cabin. I saw your website and need more info.We are looking to build a small cabin with a garage.
    Thank you, Julie Johnsen

  2. Such a gorgeous log homes. I will e-mail this site to my daughter who loves cabins and everything about outdoors. I learned about log homes from your site. Great information and love those combo look!
    Melahat Lowe

  3. Hi there just looking @ your website enjoying all your projects! We have talked many times previously about out plans for our site in Voyager Village and are wondering if there is a wtg list or what is your schedule for 2017/2018. We don’t want to get too far down on your list so if you can tell us what your schedule is then we can fit our plans to coordinate with yours, Thanks a bunch! Rich n Gerri Hendrikson.

    • Hi Rich and Gerri,
      Our schedule is full through 2017.
      Thanks for contacting us!
      Happy holidays!

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