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We are located in Seeley, WI   on the corner of Hwy OO and Hwy 63  ten miles north of Hayward.  If we’re not at our building yard,  you can:

call us at:  715-634-3918  or 802-989-8163

fax: 715-634-3918

e-mail: or

or write to:

The Natural – Log Homes

13491 W Peterson Rd.

Hayward, WI   54843


  1. Usually the repair work that we do is within approximately 30 miles from the Hayward area. But, please let us know what you need done on your home, and send us pictures if you can. If we can’t help you, hopefully we can steer you in the right direction. Thank you for asking!

  2. I live in McHenry, IL. I live on the water and would like to build a decorative fence with log posts having a hole at the top with a 1 inch rope going through it. The post size would be 6 feet high (two foot into the ground) and 10″ in diameter, Need approx 20 of them. I would not want the bark on it and they should be straight.

    Is this something you can provide and what would be the cost?


    Don Crotty

    • I believe we have what you need. We’ll have to check in our log yard to make sure, and we will get back to you. The logs should be cedar if they will be outside. cost of 10″ tip diameter logs is $10.00/ft.

  3. We are looking to have built a log garage or log sided building to match our log home. This will house our 45′ Motorhome which is 13’6″ along with a pick up. It will also have room for a small woodshop and an area to store yard tools.

    We are looking at several options to include full turn-key; kit only; or other buildings. We also may want a porch running full length.

    This will be built on our lot in Nekoosa WI

  4. please give us a call so we can discuss further
    thank you!

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